Saturday, April 28, 2012

UCubed 2012

Today I'm at MadLab (Manchester Digital Laboratory) for a free event called UCubed. The purpose of the event is to encourage people to get involved with the GNU/Linux community, with the main focus being on Ubuntu and Debian based distributions.

As always it's a good opportunity to meet other people with a passion for software as well as a variety of talks to take part in. These type of events are really good for anyone with an interest in computing. There's always something you can learn.

Today Alan O'Donohoe is doing a talk about the Hack To The Future events that he's organising and Julian Skidmore is on site promoting FIGnition which is a build it yourself 8-bit computer.

MadLab host all kind of events worth going to, so if you happen to be in the area check out their events page to see what's available.

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