Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Re-makes of 2 classic isometric games

Last night I took some time out to install Head Over Heels on my Ubuntu Laptop. This version, available from Retrospec, was programmed by Tomaz Kac, with a Linux port being done by J P Morris. I noticed that the last post was 6 years ago, which explains why I was unable to run the Windows version on Vista 64-bit.

I decided to send an email or two to see if the source code is available and after a little research I managed to find a few posts regarding Tomaz Kac now working on an updated version of Oceans 1986 Batman game.

On visiting the site a news post that must have been done just days ago explains that Tomaz Kac and David Vassart have agreed to part ways however there is a demo available for Windows. It seems that David is keen to continue the project but a programmer is needed. I'm hoping that he'll turn it into an open source project so that development will continue.